Sun Lakes Camera Club (SLCC) is the largest camera club in the Southeast Valley. Our members share an interest in photography that reaches beyond the casual snapshot. We appreciate the power and beauty of a great photo and share tips and constructive critiques to improve our images. We welcome all shooting styles and levels of experience. (Banner Photo by Linda Davis. Budapest)

The slideshow reflects the winning photos from our End of the Year Competition Meeting. (Click on the large image for full screen view, wait for images to load and then use back/forward arrow to view images.)

2017-2018 Rotating Subject and Techniques and 2018-2019 Rotating Subject and Techniques have been released by Wayne Divoky, our Competition Chair.  

New Website Gallery! Visit our newest gallery here. Night photos are from members who visited Picketpost Mountain on May 25, 2017

Sun Lakes Camera Club Website. As of May 12,2017 our new website is being hosted by Visual Pursuits, which is also our Competition Manager. Unlike the old website, the new website has new features that can be for the general public or for members only, such as a members section, forums, specific galleries. We are encouraging all members, if you have not already done so, to contact Wayne Divoky and register as a Sun Lakes Camera Club Member. It is just a user name (YourName) and password - easy. It also makes our Treasurer's job much easier than having to manage a large Excel spreadsheet. And who does not want to make Karen's job easier? Please take a moment to register. We are trying to have this done before the Fall meetings begin. Here is a copy of Burt's email regarding the new website.

The End of Year Banquet and Competition was held on Thursday, April 20th. Congratulations to those members awarded Photographer of the Year.


Jan Ballard. Class A 

Mac Davey. Class B

Daryl Nickelson. Class C 


William Lewis. Class A

Burt Williams. Class B

Shelly Hughes. Class C

Photographs of the Year for 2017 are on the Home Page Carousel above. 

Phoenix Art Museum has an exhibit called "Longer Ways to Go" that started on April 15th. The exhibition was inspired by a body of photographs of Route 66 by Kozo Miyoshi, a Japanese photographer and former artist in residence at the Center for Creative Photography. There is also photography group, Infocus, from the Phoenix Art Museum that may be of interest to our members.

 Congratulations to all the ACCC 2017 Spring Round up award-winning recipients from our club! 
As a whole, the club did well with 3 ea. individuals placings, 20 ea. honorable mentions and 63 ea. acceptances.

Here are those members who have posted to the ACCC Gallery.

Members who placed are:

William Lewis. Print. 2nd place in mono-nature category for "Wings of Bisti Badlands""
Mac Davey. Print. 3rd place in creative category for "Music Sheet"
William Lewis. Print. 3rd place in rotating category for "Teton Beaver Pond Reflection"

spreadsheet is attached depicting all club members who participated and their respective awards.  Again, congratulations to all who participated!

As a club, SLCC is a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Several of our members have taken on board roles for various PSA committees; John Livoti is Director of SW Area Membership and AZ State Membership; Jan Livoti is Pictorial Print Division (PPD) Secretary, and William Lewis Pictorial Print Division Who’s Who Director for Class B Prints.




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