Congratulations to all who participated in the ACCC 2018 Spring Roundup!

spreadsheet is attached depicting all club members who participated and their respective awards.

There is also a new gallery, 2018 Spring ACCC Round Up, for those members who wish to post their winning photos!

From Lynn Thompson, our ACCC Liaison. "Congratulations to the Sun Lakes Camera Club members who entered prints or digital images in the ACCC Spring Roundup. We had a total of 178 images, either print or digital, entered. Of that total, 87 received some sort of recognition, be it an acceptance or honorable mention, or medal. That works out to almost 50% of our images receiving recognition. That is excellent in that only 40% of the total images entered receive recognition. We have many excellent photographers in our club.

As individuals, William Lewis received a first place in digital open for “Milky Way at White Pockets” and a second place in Rotating Prints for “Next Stop Silverton.” Lynn Thompson received a first place in digital mono for “Raccoon Pair”, a second place in Mono Prints for “Winter Bison”, and Best Landscape Award for the same image. Mac Davey received a third place in Digital Open for “Where’s Spring?” Our members received many Honorable Mentions and Acceptances for the images they entered. But it’s not about winning. It is about participating and enjoying the process. The real winners are those who learn and grow from the experience.

The next Roundup will be in the Fall of 2018. It is never too early to start getting some of your favorite images to enter and to make plans to attend the event."

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