Sun Lakes Camera Club Meeting Notes
May 4, 2017

President Burt Williams welcomed all members and guests and acknowledged the high turnout.

Club member Lynn Thompson presented a very informative program on night photography and post processing. The highlights of Lynn’s presentation included how to capture city light trails and also star points and star trails. Lynn also gave Lightroom and Photoshop workflow ideas using images from the Club’s recent Phoenix city night shoot.

The May 5th Club night shoot to Picketpost Mountain was cancelled due to forecasted unfavorable weather conditions. A tentative reschedule date of May 25th is being considered and members will be advised.

Burt Williams thanked all member who submitted training topic ideas. Many requests for post processing instruction were received. Following discussion, a proposal was made to have the June meeting be a dinner/shoot in either Chandler or Gilbert. Each participant would be given a scavenger type list of photo topics. The members would then have the opportunity to submit the images for examples to be used in post processing training during the August SLCC meeting.

Burt Williams advised members that Club Webmaster Bob Little has the Visual Pursuits Forum function operational and more information regarding its potential for communications will follow. 

You can view Lynn's Light Trails handout here or download his Night Photos Power Point Presentation

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