Sun Lakes Camera Club Meeting Notes - 4/20/2017 

• Club President Burt Williams welcomed and thanked all those attending the EOY Banquet and Competition Meeting. 

• Summer programs are still in the development stage so, please refer to upcoming emails that will identify specific topics for the meetings. As a reminder, meetings during the summer are once a month, the first Thursday of the month, excluding July (no meeting due to the holiday). Meetings are held in Cottonwood’s Ceramics Room and not the Navajo Room. The summer meetings will focus mainly on post processing topics as requested by several club members. 

• Burt Williams thanked Lynn Thompson for leading the Phoenix city night shoot on April 19th. Lynn will do a night photography post processing presentation at the May 4th club meeting. A night shoot at Picketpost Mountain is being considered for May 5th. 

• Burt Williams reviewed the Club’s evolution in using Visual Pursuits starting in October of 2016. 

• Successful implementation of Visual Pursuits Competition Manager - Competition Chairman Wayne Divoky 

• Development and trial testing of Visual Pursuits Website - Club Webmaster Bob Little 

• Implementation of Member Galleries for image sharing - Bob Little 

• Effective May 1, 2017, the Visual Pursuits Website will become the designated SLCC website. A link to this site will be posted on the previous SLCC website.

• Jan Williams was recognized for her numerous contributions as Club Webmaster

• Club members were recognized for ACCC, 2017 Spring Roundup and PSA Grand Canyon Circuit awards by Lynn Thompson and John Livoti respectively. John Livoti also encouraged members to explore joining PSA.

• Wayne Divoky presented Print and Digital Photographers of the Year Awards in all three classes.

• It was announced that Field Trip Chairman Dale Willey is planning Club trips to Sedona and Lower Antelope Canyon.

• Burt Williams and Janet Ballard named and thanked many club members for their active support in the various club functions throughout the year.

 * * Congratulations to members awarded the Photographer of the Year by Class * *

Jan Ballard Photographer of the Year Class A Print

William Lewis Photographer of the Year Class A Digital

Mac Davey, Photographer of the Year Class B Print

Burt Williams Photographer of the Year Class B Digital

Daryl Nickelson Photographer the Year Class C Print

Shelly Hughes Photographer of the Year Class C Digital.

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