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September 2018
September 2018
September 2018
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General Meeting (6:30 PM MST)
"Our Sept meeting will be led by Guy Reed from Tempe Camera.  He will be bringing a variety of tripods, heads, quick releases and remotes.  He will also be talking about the new mirrorless cameras coming out.  In addition, we plan on having four studio boxes setup with designs and will have tripods with cameras on them with the setting set for people to take photos of the displays trying a couple different cameras and tripods.  If everyone would bring an SD card if they want to keep their own pictures, please do that.  We are trying to locate enough boxes to have four setups so people can move quickly from station to station.  You won’t need any of your equipment besides a card to shoot with.  If you use a CF card, that would be fine too for the bigger cameras. The purpose of this class is to see the benefit of a good sturdy tripod and head that will last you forever and get the difference in the feel of one by shooting.  It will also give you a chance to add a couple pictures to your catalog." (Jan Ballard)
General Meeting (6:30 PM MST)
Our next General Meeting will be on October 4th in the Cottonwood Ceramics Room at 6:30PM. Program to be determined.

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